If you are looking to deploy $500,000 or more into farmland and would like to be the sole owner and decision-maker - read on!

Within your Bespoke Account, our dedicated investment team will craft and execute a tailored farmland investment solution that fits your needs and goals.

  • Target net returns of 8% to 20% depending on your risk tolerance and prioritization of near-term cash yield vs. long-term appreciation.
  • Through our rigorous and tech-enabled investment process, we will underwrite and acquire farms that fit your criteria: returns, risk, hold period, cash yield, geography and more.
  • We will work with your unique tax and legal setup. Whether it's a 1031 exchange, a Solo 401K, an IRA account or other - our team, aided by highly experienced counsel (Wilson Sconsini Goodrich & Rosati, Latham & Watkins, and others) - is fully equipped to help you structure your investment in an efficient way.
  • Competitive, simple, and aligned fee structure.

FarmTogether is already engaged with several US and international clients on this program. We have recently entered into a principal purchase agreement for a farmland property for a US client. Strong inbound demand inspired us to formalize this type of engagement through the creation of the Bespoke Account.

If you would like to learn more or engage FarmTogether within this framework, we’d love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to register and review the current Bespoke Account offering.


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Disclaimer: The Secondary Market rollout is subject to FarmTogether, Inc and its principals securing all the necessary legal licenses and approvals from federal and state regulatory bodies. We cannot guarantee that we will be successful within the timeframe specified. We cannot guarantee that every investor will be eligible to participate in the Secondary Market. Current or new regulations may prevent us from rolling out the Secondary Market option. Non-US investors may be subject to additional restrictions. Please consult your own counsel with respect to any tax or legal implications with respect to the Secondary Market.